I want a happy ending :((

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When I was young, I called Dad whenever I got scared. But now, I call out a different name. Do Min Joon. For the first time, I got a person I love more than you, Dad. From morning till night… I got a person who I want to do everything with. Even if that person keeps pushing me to go away, I can’t take my step. Even if I try to hate him, I can’t hate him. Again and again, I keep dreaming sad dreams where he loves me. Again and again, i’m dreaming a sad dream.

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…the moment when Mycroft says nothing but Sherlock rats on Mycroft… :’)


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where John has his hair all messed up

where John looks all dark and seething

where John is channeling his inner Sherlock

and he does the hair thing and the mother fricking coat flip. the coat flip and little shoulder shrug.

oh my

is it hot in here

why did you never feel pain ?